There are tons of people on the web offering hosted email, hosted mailboxes and email packages. Tried and tested, we could not find anything on the market that cater for our customer’s needs.

Early 2014, a rush to cloud saw people jumping into the arms of Google-Apps and Microsoft 365 only to find out… Wait a minute, my emails sit on a server somewhere in the UK/London/China and it will take roughly 4-10hrs to recover my mailbox in the event of a crash.

Hence, weloveIT build these locally hosted exchange packages to suit the local South African need. Based at MTN/Hetzner Business Park, weloveIT manage and maintain several robust and slick exchange mail servers. With the confidence of 24/7 power, High Speed International Internet and Secure Data storage, here are the Hosted Exchange packages weloveIT can offer you:

There are two things to remember:

  1. Getting Mail In – Ingestion of all your mails to our hosted facility (or start fresh at no cost – keep your current mails locally)
  2. What is your size and user need

1. Getting Mail In:

Ingestion Rate – OnceOff

Per Mailbox  R       450.00
1-10 Mailboxes  R    1 755.00
10-30 Mailboxes  R    5 850.00
30-75 Mailboxes  R  10 530.00
100+ Quote

2. What is your size and user need:

Shared Hosted Exchange – Mailbox/Month (Max 75 Mailboxes)

2gb Mailbox  R       125.00
4gb Mailbox  R       150.00
10gb Mailbox  R       185.00
20gb Mailbox  R       250.00

Private Hosted Exchange – Monthly Rental

Up to 75 Mailboxes (500gb Total Storage)  R    5 250.00
Up to 75 Mailboxes (1000gb Total Storage)  R    6 250.00
Custom 100+ Mailboxes  Quote

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