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Location: Maitland, CT
Salary: Between 15-25,000pm CTC (Skill/Level Dependent)
Outline: Take responsibility for all client networking and technical support for small to medium sized companies (Outsourced IT department for 10 physical sites across CT) – Report to Joburg Head Office

Job Outline

Software Portfolio Management
Ensure that all software within the Company sphere of use is licensed
Maintain the software licensing agreements and inventory for all systems
Provide a stable and manageable software distribution environment
Review any new software requirements to ensure compliance with existing software model

Disaster Recovery Management
Maintain IT disaster recovery processes and documentation in your area of responsibility
Participate in disaster recovery testing to ensure effective recovery
Document disaster recovery results

Remote Data Connectivity
Maintain and support a remote connectivity platform allowing staff to access company resources remotely from various supported mobile devices (Mobile phones, tablets, laptops) Desktops
Maintain a standard desktop image to ensure standardization throughout the organization
Provide and maintain systems and procedures for simplified desktop image deployment

Management and support of analogue and IP based telephony platforms
Roll-out of new telephony systems
Review telephony systems and make recommendations to the business for enhancement and cost reduction

Project Management
Execute approved projects in area of responsibilities
Management of agreed projects related to any areas of responsibility

Supplier Management
Management of relationship with authorised suppliers in area of responsibilities
Procurement Management for authorised Suppliers
Adhoc Supplier Reviews as they become due or needed Substitute
Act as backup for various other IT functions related to the other IT positions
From time to time assist IT manager with any tasks not specifically specified above

Qualifications & Experience:
A+, N+ minimum
Experience in IP telephony systems
Minimum 3 year’s related working experience in server and networking support at small companies
basic experience in and preferably certified in Active Directory, Exchange, Windows Server and Hyper V

Billed Hours Requirement: Minimum Billable Hours 3 – Maximum Billable Hours 8 (No more than 30% for internal billable hours)


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